My art prints are museum quality prints, a technique to be found in museums across the world. See a description of the process at right. Questions? Call me at 612.817.5628 or email.

Fine art printing process involves squirting microscopic dots of ink onto fine quality art paper. The inks are actually absorbed slightly and blend to create highly detailed, saturated image. The combination of archival inks and paper yield stunning vibrancy, realism and longevity (approximately 100 years.)

Archival papers

The process offers a choice of paper textures: smooth, coated, textured, watercolor paper and even canvas. These papers are formulated to accepting printmaking inks and paints for contrast, color saturation and image longevity.

Archival inks

These inks are specially formulated and optimized for this process, desired color saturation and image longevity. This means more thorough coverage and brighter colors. And longer life.

Limited editions

Only 20 are created of each image. Each print will be signed, dated and the edition number will be recorded. A letter of authenticity by the artist will accompany each purchase.

Caring for of a fine art print.

The print should be ideally treated the same as an original watercolor. Avoid moisture and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They should be framed and mounted behind glass.